Sea Glass Pebble Beads - 02 Seafoam 'Coke Bottle'

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Cultured Sea Glass Pebble Spacer Beads

Colour: Seafoam 'Coke Bottle'

Listing is for one 8" or 20cm strand of beads. Approx 45-55 pieces Drilled with 1-1.5mm holes. Size is generally 6-9mm but can be as big as 11-12mm. Thickness varies from 3-11mm

NOTE: shape is irregular and size varies; there are no exact measurements as these are free-form chip beads. Small thin pebble spacers in cultured sea glass, made from recycled glass. No two pieces are alike. They are put through a man-made process that simulates the effect of many years of erosion by Mother Nature and the sea.